St Mark's Church supports the following missions and missionaries on a regular basis: Scripture Union (SU), Tear Fund, Andrew & Val Steele - ICMC, Matt Walmsley - Agapé, Reach Beyond, Novi Most, Mission Aviation Fellowship, Gideons International, Open Doors, Christians Against Poverty (CAP), The Childrens Society, Phil and Ros Boydell -The Navigators, CLIKs and X:Site.

A sending church

St. Mark’s has been a sending church for many years. Members from our congregation have gone to serve long/short term to many different parts of the world - Argentina, USA, Pakistan, Africa, China, Bosnia Singapore, Malaysia. Some are serving from here in Keighley to wider church. Others have left family and friends venturing into uncertain situations and places, leaving everything familiar behind them to serve The Lord. There is a great need for those who go to serve in far away places to have the support of their home church whilst preparing to go/whilst out there and on their return.

The Missions’ Committees role is to serve our link partners as best we can, giving them adequate support, encouragement and care so that they can function effectively. We keep the rest of the church informed and up to date with the latest prayer requests and news from our mission partners.

Each month we focus on a particular individual or organisation and encourage prayer and involvement.

Many of our church members receive prayer letters from the individual mission partners and pray for them on a regular basis. Some people give financially or in other ways to enable others to go where God is leading them.

How can WE encourage our Mission Partners?

Sometimes because our Mission Partners are living far away and often in remote areas we feel out of touch with them. Actually there are lots of ways we can keep in contact. They are only a letter, telephone call or e-mail message away! It is a real encouragement if we take the time to show we care and drop them a line, even if it`s only a couple of sentences.

Here are some practical suggestions:

    Use the prayer information on this site and in the Missions edition of Re:Mark’s. Why not keep it in your Bible to remind you to pray.
  2. Write letters or emails on a regular basis.
    Send birthday cards/postcards when you are on holiday news clippings, magazines/comics. Send your photo so they know who you are.
  3. Support them financially on a regular basis.
    God is doing amazing things throughout the world, what part will you play? Ask God what He wants of you.

Those who go and those who send are equally important, both are involved in the fulfilment of the Great Commission.

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